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der FlederMaus, LLC. is a modern media company that specializes in web site construction and television commercial and video production. By keeping the overhead low, we are able to provide the best value around. We can beat any other offer you have in writing from any business providing a similar service. Not only will we beat their price but we have the talent and the tools to do a better job.
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Whoo-ee we LOVE this stuff. I often tell my clients, friends, and associates, that the answer to "Can you do...?" is ALWAYS "Yes!".

So wish and dream and we'll handle bundling all this technology and know how into a seamless solution. DVD, CD, TV, Radio, Wireless apps and Networking, Internet, Video, Consulting, Printing, Business Theater, Original Music, Writing, Content, etc...
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Left Brain + Right Brain = Whole Brain

Neat concept. So many businesses forget either or both. Rational and Creative. Sensible and Entertaining. Use all your brain and appeal to the broadest audience, with our help. Intellectual property and that great idea is the intangible that you can't just get anywhere...
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·Attract new customers Keep existing customers informed.
·Update data in minutes without spending thousands in printing and postage. Information to the world instantly.
·24 hours, 7 days a week unattended sales force.
Answers frequently asked questions - saving thousands in phone bills, not to mention the staff savings.
·Survey: find out what your future customers think of your offerings, and who your future customers are!
·Flexible - change everything and anything immediately.
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If someone told you you could have that worldclass superbowl looking commercial /video and Web site for pennies of what it would normally cost...

Wouldn't you?! Why not make your organization look as good as it can as economically as possible.

We have the tools/equipment /expertise to make it.
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We work for clients all over the country. We have a autonomous 35' Mobile Production Studio that can be driven to whatever location you need.

We have flexible and enthusiastic partners located around the country to meet with you to discuss your project.

free consultation e-mail ideas@dfm.net